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UK is third most interested in eco solutions

While Sweden takes top place, the UK comes a credible 3rd in terms of eco awareness and a wish to find solutions according to new research.

The study, conducted by drinking straw experts, analysed the Google Trends results of keywords such as “environmentally friendly” and “recycling” and discovered which European country has had the highest search volume for eco-friendly terms in the past twelve months.

Sweden came out on top, with 72.27, unsurprising given the northern European country has long taken eco solutions extremely seriously and the Swedish government has set ambitious goals for sustainability, including going fossil-free by 2045 and switching entirely to renewable energy.

Second on the list is Denmark with 58.97, considerably lower than Sweden’s but an indicator that the countries Government led desire for a greener future is paying off and that the three major pillars of Denmark’s environmental missions “bikes, wind, and trash” are getting through to the population.

The United Kingdom comes in third at 54.85. The UK is statistically among the best performing countries in Europe according to the Eco-Innovation Index, and its citizens seems engaged and interested in doing their part for the environment, as the searches, mostly for “recycling” suggest.

The research was conducted by, [] French based specialists in drinking straws who offer a wide range of reusable, disposable, edible, biodegradable and ecological drinking straws.

Commenting on the findings a spokesperson said; “The data collected can be considered encouraging as it demonstrates that not only are European countries engaging in building a greener future at the government level, but testifies that the population is actually interested in change.

“This ranges from information on more eco-sustainable solutions to daily habits such as recycling, to the exchange of products that can harm the environment for ecological products such as pasta, reed or reusable straws.”

Study Methodology:

The data was sourced from Google Trends. The keywords on which to base the data were chosen, specifically “environmentally friendly” and “recycling.” Keywords were translated into each European language to make the results as accurate as possible.

However, as Google Trends scales the results based on the highest search term, 'France' was used across every list as a normalisation factor that has been used to equalise each list and make them fully comparable. As such having France in every list, makes it possible to find the hidden factor that links France in list 1 to France in list 2. The full list has then been multiplied by this factor and has been equalised the hidden scaling Google Trends uses.


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