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Why Florists Need Details

A Guide to Incorporating Software Into Your Floral Business

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Are you tired of countless hours of managing spreadsheets and endless calculations on your floral recipes to stay profitable? Running a successful floristry business requires a delicate balance of creativity, organisation, and exceptional customer service. Florists face numerous daily challenges, from managing inventory and orders to designing heartfelt arrangements during their clients’ most important life moments. These challenges are the most burdensome part of floral design, but we found an answer when Details recently joined the Trade Club.

We saw numerous ways that florists could significantly benefit from utilising Details Flowers Software and we wanted to share some exciting ways to streamline operations better and unlock the full potential of your creativity. This blog will explore why florists should consider incorporating this powerful software into their daily processes and how Details Flowers Software will improve your business.

What is Details Flowers Software?

Details Flowers Software is a platform for florists and event designers to manage their business operations efficiently. The world's best designers grow their bottom line through professional contracts and confident pricing with Details' all-in-one online tool. This software is available anywhere, anytime, and for any project. Florists worldwide are transforming their businesses into efficient and profitable machines, ready for anything and any moment.

Corrine Heck

We sat down with Details Flowers Software CEO Corrine Heck to ask some of our most thoughtful questions, and here’s what she had to say.

Question: What do florists like about your software? And why?

Corrine: “As a florist myself, I knew that there needed to be a design tool developed uniquely for florists. It seemed impossible to create designs that required flowers from all over the world. We’ve created something with florists in mind and checked off so many needs to help florists. What I love most is hearing from our florist subscribers about how Details is helping them in their business. Some of the most memorable testimonials from our users that I love are talking about its “ease of use” and my favourite, “Details is fast-affordable magic”!

Since we launched nine years ago, we’ve worked with thousands of florists to develop their most sought-after floral tools. We’re not just looking to refine today’s business; we’re looking to help the florists innovate for the future so they can be more successful years down the road. And because floristry is as unique as each flower arrangement, the software has to be easily customisable and adaptable to each user's preferences, and that’s what we’ve done and strive to do. But don’t take my word for it; there are hundreds of testimonials from clients worldwide who share their experiences. Just ask them or read them here!”

Favourite software tools

Some of our favourite tools

The Details team works with large and small florists and businesses of all shapes & sizes. They offer a range of features to help retail and studio florists alike. Some of our favourite tools were elegant proposals and recipe creation. But client management, contract generators, auto-invoicing, payment processing, and report analytics were terrific, too. Each feature works to help with the business management side of floristry. Still, Details also helps on the creative side with extensive floral & inventory galleries, colour tools, recipe calculators, and event workbooks & pull sheets. It’s a florist's dream come true.

Sample use of software

Streamlined Proposal and Contract Creation

We all know that creating detailed proposals and contracts is tedious but integral to a florist's business. This process is often tiresome, painstaking, and prone to errors when things change at the last minute. With Details, these updates are easily automated, making the process pain-free and creating more accuracy for the design room. Florists can quickly generate professional proposals and contracts and win more work faster, and then share those details easily with their team through easy-to-read design plans.

“Our florists often remark how they’ve impressed their clients (and employees) with their flowers, presentation skills, and straightforward design process. As a designer who dreamed of an easier way, this makes my heart smile,” says Corrine Heck.

Sample use of software

Simplified Order and Inventory Management

In addition to business presentations, Details’ helps with inventory management. Florists can efficiently track inventory, manage expenses, and handle future orders, ensuring they have the right flowers and supplies when needed. This streamlining of administrative tasks allows florists to focus more on their creative work and not be stuck at their computers all day.

Enhanced Payments and Communication

Florists are in the business of making those long-lasting memories for clients, and Details helps with creating essential visuals. Effective communication is vital for florists to develop a vision for the client and get paid for that vision. The software enables easy sharing of visual inspirations, design revisions, and further essential details, ensuring efficient communication throughout the planning process. And then, once approved, the client can easily make payments simply, with formal contracts that help craft a bespoke, professional experience.

Examples of PDFs available

Details also provides day-of-event documentation for team members to easily delegate on-site tasks and ensure that all deliverables for the event arrive on time and at the correct location. These tools help ensure everyone on the florist's team is on the same page, resulting in smoother and more successful event execution.

Sample of reports

Data-driven Insights and Analytics

In today's competitive business landscape, data-driven decision-making is crucial for budgeting and forecasting the future. Details’ provides valuable insights and analytics that florists can use to make more informed buying decisions. Florists can access reports on their sales performance, popular product trends, and key performance metrics. By leveraging this data, florists can identify growth opportunities, refine their offerings, and optimise their pricing strategies, ultimately increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. This data is excellent for when you are pre-planning for your holiday orders. Your staff and vendors will thank you for your preparedness when you place your orders early for the busy floral season.

Software in use

Why Should You Invest In Details Flowers Software?

Details Flowers Software is an essential tool for any floral business and an affordable investment. You can create magic for your clients for only £120 monthly or £1,200 annually while also receiving a free seven-day trial to get acquainted with the tools and their outstanding team. Isn’t the ultimate goal for any florist business to save time, book more events, and earn more profit? Well, Details’ has you covered. You're not just joining a software platform but becoming part of a vibrant community of passionate florists looking to collaborate and innovate. Connect with like-minded professionals, share insights, and exchange tips and tricks to elevate your floral designs.

Details Logo

Launched in 2015, Details Flowers Software is a platform designed specifically for florists and event designers to manage their business operations efficiently. The world's best designers grow their bottom line through professional contracts and confident pricing with Details all-in-one florist platform.


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