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30 ways to use a Poinsettia

If there is one plant that typifies Christmas it has to be the Poinsettia .... available in a whole host of colours ... we are deffo not talking only red .... a range of sizes ... the miniature ones are just sooooooooooo cute and can actually command a premium price .... oh yes and they are awesome as a cut flower.

Yup truly ... absolutely honestly Cut and condition them properly - see the instructions at the bottom and a Poinsettia bract (that's the technical term) will last for ages and as a focal flower gives you massive bang for your buck and can look absolutely stunning and allow you to add Poinsettia Power in places a potted plant just won't work.

With the help of our friends at Stars the Europe we've raided their picture library for 30 oh so different yet awesomely beautiful designs that will say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings in a magical way!

Enjoy scrolling ... get creative!!!

Using Poinsettia as a cut flower

Method #1

Have a jug of hot water - 60 degrees - ready and don't let it get cold

Have a second jug of ice cold water beside it

Chop the whole plant at the bottom and turn upside down.

Cut the bracts off one by one until you end up with the top one

Cut the individual stem at an angle as you would any flower

Immediately plunge into the boiling water until it stops bubbling

Then immediately plunge into the cold water to seal

Immediately place bracts into the design or container

If you forget to plunge in cold water don't panic - as the vid on our Facebook page shows it still works, but since we made that the advice has added in the cold water so we're just recommending absolutely best practice!

Method #2

You can seal the stems by placing the end into a naked flame. It works but these days we recommend Method #1




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