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A very special moment at Interflora World Cup 2023

There are times in the floral industry when there is what can only be described as a seismic shift. One such occurrence happened at the Interflora World Cup. Apart from the main demonstrators that we had arranged on stage, we decided to invite more of our wonderful ambassadors to contribute an improvised creation too. Unfortunately, we were limited to the number of microphones that we could use but this didn't stop us, we were determined to give as many of our designers the opportunity to have their work seen as possible.

Mariann and Wouter

Each 'surprise' designer was allowed to work with any of our available flowers. Inevitably everyone wanted to use their favourite flowers but the moment that Norwegian Floral Fundamentals ambassador Mariann Holmen received her invitation she asked if she could work with one variety only. Her chosen flower was chrysanthemum 'Baltica White' from Beyond Chrysanth.

It so happened that Wouter from Beyond Chrysanth was determined to attend the show because he wanted to explain the dedication, determination and passion that he and his team take in the production of the very best of the best. When he discovered our plans, Wouter was extremely excited and ended up as Mariann's assistant as she prepped her bouquet. He wanted to learn from her. By any standards, Mariann is a gifted designer but the sheer joy that she had and Wouter had on working together was tangible and the audience responded... they loved it. As did passers-by in Manchester when Mariann went into the streets while Wouter followed with his trusty mobile phone at the ready.

Chrysanthemum in Manchester

Apart from being a fantastic addition to our event it proved to everyone that was there that they should never underestimate chrysanthemum. They are incredibly special to Norwegian florists who have to pay a premium to work with them. Their government tax on chrysanthemum is shocking! Beyond's Phalaenopsis Orchid grown by the team from Phalaenopsis by Walter. The growers and Floral Fundamentals are wonderful, as several of those who attended noticed - they could tell the difference.

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