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Blooms with Balls

Interflora fights gender stereotypes with men only flowers. New research has revealed the discrepancy between men and women receiving flowers, Interflora is launching a campaign to fight gender stereotypes and get men talking, whilst breaking down the taboo of flowers being a gift just for women.

The campaign launch is timed to coincide with International Men’s Day (19 November), and for each one-of-a-kind bouquets sent to a man, Interflora will donate 10% of the profits to a men’s mental health charity, AndysManClub.

Interflora has also teamed up with TV star Fred Sirieix to raise awareness and spread the word. Speaking about Interflora’s campaign, Fred commented: “I’m thrilled to have been asked to take part in raising awareness for such an important cause. As men, we are often overlooked to receive flowers, as a result I wanted to challenge other men to know it’s okay to talk about mental health – and it’s OK to send each other flowers!”

Jenna Keating, content and social media manager at Interflora, said: “Earlier this year, we were shocked to hear that often, the first time a man receives flowers it at his funeral. We then spotted videos on TikTok of men being surprised (and delighted!) when receiving flowers for the first time – and wanted to see what we could do to take this one step further.

“We launched a campaign for Father’s Day, which encouraged the UK public to challenge the norm, and to gift flowers to their father’s, for the first time. In fact, Google searches for ‘flowers for men’ have increased 30% in the last year, and now, this International Men’s Day, we’re continuing our campaign to challenge this stereotype, as well as raise money for AndysManClub.”

Neil Waine, Project Development Champion from AndysManClub, said: “We are delighted to partner with an iconic brand like Interflora. The spin on the classic giving of flowers is a fantastic idea and one which we are wholeheartedly behind. Many of our members would love such a thought.

“Any funds donated to us on the back of this campaign would be used for spreading even more awareness of #ANDYSMANCLUB and delivering more support for the men out there who need us and help #THATONEMAN to get through our doors.”

If you or someone you know are struggling there are plenty of resources to help including Andy’s Man Club, visit


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