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Boost sales in the quiet times

Summer can be a tricky time for florists; apart from wedding work (wouldn’t more of that be nice!), business can be slow, but there are some things you can do to keep business going strong over the summer months.

The first step is to make sure you are maximizing every sale by offering customers a chance to personalise their purchase with a Finishing Touch: that extra item offered to a customer to personalise the sale such as chocolates, a cuddly toy, a balloon.

Why not say to your customer..

As a Finishing Touch I can include a 110g box of our delicious chocolates with your mum’s birthday flowers for just £6”

for example? Achieving these add-on sales consistently will certainly give your summer sales a boost.

The next step is to work with local businesses to win more weekly contracts. Take a step-by-step approach: pick your target audience, maybe hairdressers, beauty salons or coffee shops. Create an arrangement and offer it to the business for free, explaining that you’d like them to see how fresh flowers can improve their premises, courtesy of your shop. Wait a few days and follow up with another visit or call the owner/manager to get their feedback and discuss designs and pricing options. This is a very simple process but it works, so be targeted and persistent. Summer is when you’ll have time to do it! .

What can your staff do to increase summer sales? The answer is PLENTY. Start by using every sale as an opportunity to educate customers about all your services.

And don’t be afraid to simply ask for more business. On the phone, as you are coming to the end of the call, ask, “Do you have any upcoming birthdays or anniversaries you’d like to take care of today?” Likewise, on the shop floor, use the same approach and language while finishing each order, “Are there any other orders I can help you with today?

Customers will spend more and shop more often, even through the summer, if you give them a little boost, so help them to do that with these tips.




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