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Bud Vase Stem Savers

Dividing large flower arrangements into smaller ones is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your floral displays, benefiting both you and your customers. Additionally, utilising bud vases is a stylish way to create numerous charming designs that are easy to transport.

When it comes to wedding flowers, they offer guests a way to bring a piece of the special day home with them. Similarly, funeral tributes can be disassembled and sent to family members, allowing the memories to endure a bit longer.

As a florist, it's a service you can upsell alongside your wedding and funeral offering, and a way for clients to get more value from the flowers and foliage they are paying for.

Follow our steps below to see how to take apart a spray design and create mini bottle arrangements using our Bud Vase Collection, then transport using our Bud Vase Carrier.

Step 1

Carefully remove the stems from your larger design and recut to the desired heights.

Step 2

Fill bud vases with a water and FloraLife Flower Food solution - for this stage in the flower's life, you should use FloraLife Express consumer flower food rather than the Express 200 storage solution.

Step 3

Arrange the stems in the bottles.

Step 4

Add personal messages using tags or cards - we used our Bamboo Card Holders here to hold them.

Step 5

Pack bottles into Bud Vase Carriers for easy transportation.

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