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Fleurs de Villes ROSÉ took place at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park at the end of July. This year, the global show is dedicated to supporting breast cancer research and awareness through the creation of stunning fresh floral mannequins in rose pink, the symbol of breast cancer care and the prettiest shade of flowers. 12 talented local florists were invited to create floral ‘haute-couture’ in a one-of-a-kind installation, in partnership with Ladurée, Miraval wines and H.R. Owen Maserati. We bring you all the participants and their awesome dresses.

Ballerina by Blooms and Balloons

The inspiration behind ‘Survival Ballerina’ is the correlation between breast cancer and the power of dance and young American dancer, Maggie Kudirka who has danced to survive. Gypsophila, reminiscent of innocence, helps make perfect layers. Ceosia makes a filly edge that shows movement, hydrangea and roses give soft gently textures and the use of dried helichrysum, skeleton leaves and bleached ruscus create her leotard. The headdress is to remind us how many lose their hair, as she has. The grace in which materials and visual textures create movement tell a story. Dance has been shown to promote physical and mental health benefits to cancer patients especially those with breast cancer.

Elizabeth Bennett by Campbell’s Flowers Inspired by a love of history and literature, Campbell’s discovered that the library at Tatton Park contains a first edition copy of Pride & Prejudice. The design celebrates Elizabeth Bennett, a feisty, intelligent woman wearing a gown of velvety soft pink roses in the Empire Line style of the day. You can imagine she might be about to take a carriage to the ill-fated Assembly Rooms Ball, as she waits she is surrounded by a meadow of natural, locally grown, wildflowers.

H.R Owen Maserati by Chelsea Flowers

A beautiful dress in pink ombre, inspired by an elegance that lasts forever. The skirt audaciously graduates in size and share – with the tiniest gypsophila through to differing roses and out to blousy, bold hydrangeas.

Can-Can by Citiblooms

Inspired by the courageous fights and survivors of breast cancer, this is a fusion of military fashion and the can-can dance.

The military style jacket and boots are a creation using sleek foliage and painted salal leaves with delicate floral detailing, set in contrast to the cancan skirt bursting with masses of pink flowers. Her strong stance, holding her wig is inspired by an iconic scene showing her strength and solidarity with other fighters. Together we ‘can-can’ beat cancer.

Out of the Darkness by Bethany at Flowers by Jemma Holmes

A unique double sided gown representing moving out of the darkness and into the light – a floral representation of what so many of us are facing today. With a bodice of asparagus fern atop a skirt of roses, anthurium and other florals are accented with pussy willow ‘pearl’ jewels.

Miravel by Hubbard’s Florist

Designed to ignite the party with the theory that it’s wine o’clock somewhere in the world! The dress is inspired by the exquisite Miraval Rosé wine from Provence. The dashing dress is adorned with blush roses reminiscent of the wine and decorated with natural pampas and lots of flowing foliage to give the feeling being in the French Riviera.

Mammary Saver by Jamie Christopher Design

The non-binary superhero flies from town to town spreading floral magic to remind girls and guys to check their breasts. Her head has been half shaved to raise money for charity – the floral design is inspired by the mix of masculine woody textures against the softness of the feminine florals.

British Summer by Meadows & Mulberry

Inspired by British Summer, using locally grown flowers – this lady is designed using as many British flowers from as many different flower farms as possible. Her flower crown and footwear feature strawflowers, the meadow is full of achillea, scabious, zinnia and Astrantia. With a mix of British peonies and gypsophila to add sparkle to her skirt. She represents a nostalgic glance back at a summer full of carefree fun and memories.

British Blooms by the Prince of Plants

Revealing the heritage of the land girls in the Tamar Valley, represented in this elegant floral couture….This world famous valley produces the very best of British blooms, historically always the first into Covent Garden this is where it all started. When great minds come together to grow local produce the beauty of horticulture shines through. She holds an empowered stance with both feet firm on the hills of Devon and Cornwall, sporting her favourite workwear whilst holding her abundance of produce in her basket. No matter one's background, we all stand strong and proud working in the wonderful world of blooms … The land girl is about forgotten skills, equality, connecting with nature and supporting the world of flowers.

1970s Freedom Fights by Springbank Manchester

The 1970’s brought so many landmark moments for women to celebrate, including the Women’s Liberation Movement and ground-breaking advancements in breast cancer research. Inspired by the iconic era that paved the way for the modern female. Fashion, style, flowers and feminism entwine together and come to life in our vision of an empowered seventies’ woman confidently sporting her shaggy jacket, bell bottom trousers, platform shoes and moving ever more forward with each step.

Will(ow) to Survive by Tallulah Rose Flower School

As a strong community of women, although we speak for many, we chose one voice. It is the voice of a breast cancer survivor which inspires our design. The inner strength required to face breast cancer is portrayed using a foundation woven from willow. The ability of the willow to grow and endure is a powerful illustration of how we too can not only survive but thrive. Enriched with British grown flowers we reflect on how a woman enduring the brutal side effects of chemotherapy strives to hold onto her own beauty. The outward elegance you see of a woman recovering from breast cancer often belies the physical and emotional battles that lie beneath the surface. Cancer is not pretty, nor is it pink.

Ladurée by Verdure Floral Design A handcrafted floral homage to Marie Antoinette, inspired by the beauty and luxury of Ladurée Parisian tea rooms. The delightful colour palette of their beautiful desserts, indulgent decoration and formal French gardens influence this design. Shades of pastel pink, ivory, green and a pot of raspberry red using assorted varieties of roses orchids and hydrangeas.

To see which ones were the winners click here


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