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Grower Spotlight: LS Santini

Hi, I’m Merel van den Burg and I’ve been in the floral industry for more than 25 years, as a florist and a stylist. I’m the Commercial Manager of Florismartdirect, a platform where we offer everything for the professional florist to run their business.

My work brings me in to direct contact with lots of growers, so in this series I’ll be sharing detailed information about these growers with you. Hopefully this will help you make the best choices when ordering your flowers. After all, behind every grower there is a story!

LS Santini - Quality, diversity, sustainability and continuity

Based in Bleiswijk in Holland, LS Santini pride themselves on the high quality and freshness of the Santini chrysanthemums that they have now been producing for over 30 years. With daily harvesting guaranteeing freshness, the design and layout of their production processes are focused on sustainability, quality, diversity and continuity. The nursery currently grows 24 varieties of Santini for you to choose from.

Family Business

Like many growers, LS Santini is a family business, started by Wilco Hofman in 1985.

Today, Wilco focuses primarily on cultivation while his daughter Juliska takes care of the commercial and financial side of the business.

The family business prides itself on a thorough and slow breeding method and a well-considered collection of varieties. All varieties are harvested daily and are sorted by maturity and weight. Only stems that are mature enough are harvested which means that they are able to offer a continuously uniform product, with 100% usable stems. These top quality stems are exclusively packed in LS Santini sleeves made from 100% recycled plastic.


Talking to Juliska, she says, “Sustainable cultivation is important to us. We changed our course of cultivation four years ago and since then we have constantly developed. We compost our own organic waste and reuse it as food for our young plants. We no longer use chemical pesticides. We use biological control agents in the form of insects. We use 100% recycled sleeves and we use solar energy”.

Innovation is clearly very important at LS Santini, and recently they have also invested in LED lights, so that they now use less gas in their production processes.

Their mission With care and an eye for quality, LS Santini exclusively breed and supply top quality, sustainably grown Santini. Their focus is on durability, firmness, appearance, freshness and shelf life, making them a reliable partner for you when choosing to purchase your Santini. And what a great story to share with your customers too.

LS Santini products are available to purchase via Florismartdirect, where you can order direct from this grower on a daily basis.


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