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Protea 'Arctic Ice' - nothing but beauty!

The Protea is represented by many species that are only found in the southern hemisphere. They are a member of the Proteaceae family.

The name Protea was derived from the Greek mythological god, Proteus, who could assume any shape he wanted. As the myth goes, Proteus knew everything – the past, present and future – but did not like divulging his knowledge and used his shape-shifting ability to avoid doing so. Like Proteus who could assume any shape he wanted, the numerous Protea species differ enormously in shape and size.

The Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom is a geographical region of South Africa, home to all of the known Proteaceae genera including Protea. Recognized as the smallest of the world’s six floral kingdoms, the Cape Floral Kingdom has the highest known concentration of plant genera in the world. In fact, more than two-thirds of all the plants found here do not naturally grow anywhere else on earth. So think of that when using Protea in your floral arrangements, you are using a very special flower.

At Florismartdirect we work together with South African Grower, FreshCap, who offer their range of Protea on our platform. Importantly, FreshCap grow sustainably and with an eye for the environment, saying “we ensure the longevity of our precious Cape Floral Kingdom, The FreshCap Group promotes sustainable harvesting.”

Stylish Flowers

Proteas are stylish and distinctive flowers typically used in contemporary bouquets and arrangements.

With its soft white colouring and large head size, King Protea ‘Arctic Ice’ is often used in wedding work. You’ll find ‘Arctic Ice’ available almost all year round, from February till December.

"The Protea flower is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is a symbol of courage, strength, adaptability and transformation"

The King Protea is a statuesque and robust plant characterised by its extraordinary flowers, height and large leaves. The King Protea is South Africa’s national flower and one of the most popular species produced by FreshCap. A story to tell your customer when using these special flowers.

Merel van den Burg

Florismartdirect together with FreshCap.


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