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Have an Egg-cellent Easter

As Florists know all too well, seasonal events can mean a significant rise in retail business. What’s surprising around Easter, is the ability for retailers to maximise on sales across an array of categories, whether this is confectionary (the most likely winner), flowers and plants, fresh produce and, or gifting. In addition to these categories, there can also be a surprising sales spike in categories such as Entertainment, Clothing or Health and Wellbeing, often related to the weather during the Easter break.

In 2022, spending on Easter celebrations in the UK reached £1.3 billion according to estimates, up from £1.22 billion in 2021. While most sales see a rise anywhere from 2-3 weeks before Easter, many online and physical shoppers order just a few days before the holiday.

While Easter is often associated with the Easter Bunny, eggs and chocolate, it’s still a deeply religious day for many people. With this in mind, brands may decide to forgo using an Easter theme at all and may simply promote this sales period with a Spring-based theme. This may appeal to a broader audience and allow you to stretch your displays well after Easter has concluded.

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