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How to Create Happiness at Work?

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Our happiness at work matters. It defines our sense of purpose, our well-being, and our physical and mental health. The average person will spend roughly 90,000 hours at work – more than 10 years over the course of their lifetime. Yet we all know people – our friends, and family members, who spend year after year stuck in a job that they despise or think they’ll never leave.

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More than 15% of people in the UK and Ireland are battling signs of a mental health disorder at work and to further compound the growing social stigma, 58% of employees say they are uncomfortable discussing mental health at work. In short, employers need to do more to strengthen their support structures and look to establish Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) that people can turn to in times of struggle. 

We believe that happiness at work should be on the list of top priorities of all organisations. Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of employee happiness and mental health in achieving business goals and employee productivity.

Happy team members tend to be more motivated, productive, and likely to stay longer in an organisation.

Creating the conditions for fulfilment, happiness, and effectiveness isn’t guesswork. There is plenty of evidence linking healthy workspaces to increased innovation and creativity, along with a reduction in absences and business costs.

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