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Interflora Makes Groundbreaking Sustainability Commitment

Interflora British Unit, the UK’s leading flower relay company, has unveiled a new and significant green initiative titled ‘Buds of Change’.

In an industry that is both sensitive to and conscious of its environmental impact, Buds of Change commits Interflora and its suppliers to a more sustainable future. It is based on the three pillars of:

  • Planting Strong Roots, which will focus on ensuring that Interflora’s direct impact on the planet is as small as possible, along with that of their supply chain.

  • Nurturing Our People, will focus on creating a healthy workplace culture, and equal opportunities throughout the business, including direct employees, the many florists that are part of the Interflora network and employees throughout the supply chain. Sustainability training for all and an emphasis on diversity and inclusion are key.

  • Growing With Our Communities focusses on sharing Interflora’s sustainable practices with customers, suppliers and the industry. Interflora network florists will be encouraged and supported to embrace sustainable practices that will bring positive impact to their businesses.

Working with a number of external consultants to identify the challenges and opportunities for a greener business, Interflora has set itself ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint along the entire flower supply chain.

Dominic Weston, Interflora’s Director of Product and Supply said, We're fully embracing this opportunity to have a truly positive impact on the world around us, ensuring that we are sustainable and a resilient business into the future. Along with our colleagues, customers, florists, suppliers and partners, we want to make conscious decisions that care for the environment and so we’re building sustainability into every aspect of our business”.

Interflora’s Key Targets for 2023 are:

  • Ensure 100% of the energy supply at Interflora Head Office comes from renewable sources, and reduce their emissions by 4%.

  • Trial more sustainable products and packaging with their florists, including more plastic free, reusable, recyclable and compostable options.

  • Introduce a new Code of Conduct for all Interflora suppliers with the focus on sustainability.

  • Facilitate sustainability training for all Interflora colleagues and as many florists as possible.

  • Establish an agreed approach to charitable giving and community support partnerships.

These 2023 targets are just the start with Interflora’s ambitious plans spanning several years.

Interflora recognises that its network of florists will play a significant role in the success of Buds of Change and have set up a florists’ forum to consult on all aspects of their sustainability programme.

They have also committed to publishing regular updates as they progress this groundbreaking programme. If you'd like to find out more about Interflora's sustainability plan, targets, and how they are approaching a fully sustainable future, visit





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