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New writer for Florist Magazine

He’s a third-generation florist, he’s had his own shop and he’s now heading up a brand-new funeral flower concept for a leading Welsh Funeral Director.

Oh yes and he’s just joined The Florist Trade Magazine as Features Editor!

He is James Crompton, the 30-year-old florist who has already become an integral part of the Good Florist Guide Advisory team and will now bring a new dimension to the writing side of Florist Magazine, a title he has literally grown up with as he developed his career.

Commenting on the move James said: “I’ve known the magazine all my life and long admired its professionalism and willingness to report on the industry as a whole in a properly researched and transparent way. The fact it is prepared to tackle the more contentious subjects and not hold back when needed adds to the mix of what I think a good trade magazine should be.”

Not that it was a totally unexpected move as James explained. “Before I entered the family business, I had considered a career in journalism but flowers just took the edge. When Carrie asked me to expand on a Facebook comment I had made and I saw my first article in print I realised it was something I wanted to do more of so when she asked me if I’d take on more, I leapt at the chance. It’s the perfect way of combining my two loves!”

Speaking about James’ appointment Caroline Marshall-Foster, owner and Editor of Florist Magazine said: “For over 70 years Florist Magazine has been the eye, ears and voice of the industry but our success isn’t just about being in front of the news but making sure we engage with all our possible readers and move with the times.

That’s why I want to expand our writing team and bring in new, younger team members who would bring a different angle and thought process. James is a perfect combination of someone who totally gets the issues but isn’t afraid to pull his punches if needed; The story lines in the pipeline are looking very exciting and means yet again Florist Magazine is taking steps forward while never forgetting it’s roots.”


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