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October Mood Board: Get that Autumn Glow!

Although retailers would have you believe otherwise, there is more to October than Halloween. Autumn is in full swing and there is still time to enjoy nature’s final hurrah before we enter the shorter, darker days of winter.


It’s been an excellent year for fruits and berries. Now is the time for Malus (crab apple), oak leaves, conkers, Crocosmia and rosehips. Contrast smooth surfaces with rough and shiny with matt to make the most of the autumn harvest.

On-Trend Colour

Embrace the fashionable colours of toffee, tan and nude with an autumnal selection that includes English chrysanthemums, Aster, Solidago, Physalis and wax flower (Chamelaucium)

Traditional Colour

Nature at its best: a palette of rich orange, apple red, golden yellow and cerise pink contrast against chestnut brown and burgundy.

Flower Styling

Make a Statement

Choco anthuriums with copper Corylus leaves (contorted hazel) create a bold, contemporary look. A perfect example of where less is more.


Channel your inner Constance Spry by choosing a large, natural stem, one which has plenty of movement and interest, such as this Alder. Contrast pink and orange in a coloured glass vase and you have a display worthy of putting in your window.

Just Picked

Harvesting straight from the garden? This is a pleasing and natural way to style UK-grown, seasonal flowers with just a hint of the hothouse. Chrysanthemum, Symphoricarpos (snowberry) and Zinnia work beautifully with a touch of trailing gloriosa lily in vibrant red and yellow.

Indoor Plants

Deep Purple

African Violets are you’ve never seen them before grouped together in a moody, magnificent setting. Another one for the shop window display?

Orange Razzamatazz

Nertera or bead plant have never looked more at home in these orange glass containers, accessorised with wood, willow, feathers and, of course, mini pumpkins.

Still on an orange theme, Nertera have been used here to underplant this elegant flowering Calathea (now renamed as Goeppertia) planted in a suitable rustic woven willow basket.

Outdoor Plants

There is still time to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in. Create irresistible patio planters with autumn-hued plants such as Heuchera, Bergenia, Photinia and variegated grasses like this Japanese blood grass.




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