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Houseplants with Autumn Allure

Keeping your houseplant display fresh and interesting is vital to selling plants successfully. As the summer merges into autumn, this is the perfect time to rearrange and bring seasonally coloured plants to the fore.

Consumers are subconsciously influenced by what is around them and with trees changing colour and losing their leaves, and shops filled with their autumn/winter ranges, customers will be looking for plants that reflect these changes.

Create a stylised area where you can highlight your chosen plants – you may have had them in the shop for weeks, but once they are placed in a stand-alone space, with the appropriate accessories and add-ons, you’ll be surprised at how popular they will suddenly become.

Painted leaf begonia Begonia rex

Grown for its decorative, asymmetrically patterned leaves, this is an ideal plant for an autumn display. This brightly coloured variety is displayed in a fuchsia-coloured pot cover which picks up the pink shades in the leaves.

For the customer: They like a warm spot, with compost moist, but not over wet. Recommend a light spot, shaded from direct sun, any light, warm room in the home will do.

Croton, Joseph’s Coat Codiaeum variegatum pictum

Pronounced ‘Koe-dee-EE-um’ this is another houseplant which benefits from a dramatic display. The bold, multicoloured stripes of the pot echo the veins in the leaves, shown off in this way makes it an irresistible ‘must have’ item.

For the customer: Croton have a reputation as being a difficult plant to keep; it’s important to rest them in the winter, reducing their watering and keeping them out of sudden draughts. Mist gently daily, and feed in the summer months only.

Cordyline, False palm, Ti plant Cordyline australis

One for outside display, as they need the space to be truly appreciated, Cordyline has elegant, arching leaves in shades of bronze and deep green. Often forming the central display in containers and tubs, they can also be shown off inside, perfect for a conservatory or large porch.

For the customer: Cordylines like warm temperatures and to be out of full sun. Preferably use tepid water, allowing the compost to dry out in between watering.

Be bold – go for brassica Brassica oleracea

So not strictly a houseplant, but certainly one to raise an eyebrow and draw customers to your display. An unusual centrepiece or fun gift for a dinner party, which can go outside in the garden afterwards.

For the customer: Plant into patio pots or tubs for autumn colour. Eating is not recommended!


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