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Shane raises over £20k for Ukraine

It started out as an idea by top florist Shane Connolly, pictured top, to raise much needed funds for the Red Cross Appeal by offering demonstrations in return for substantial donations.

Gill Hodgson, founder of Flowers from the Farm took the idea and morphed it into an idea where everyone could take part for a smaller sum which would give everyone the opportunity to donate.

And donate people did. In fact the £10k target was well and truly broken way before the event on 6th April took place – at the time of recording it stood at over £17k and now stands at a whopping £20,755.

Because while the live feed has ended, the team at Unique Media – who donated their services for free - have made it possible for anyone who missed it to see it on catch up.

All you have to do is donate at least £10 and you will receive your own personal link.

And it is so worthwhile. Not just because you will be donating to a incredibly strong cause but because the dem is fab.

Opening with a delightful table scape in Ukrainian colours and ending with a stunning multi-faceted and multi-purpose urn throughout the dem Shane talks knowledgeably about plants, flowers and all things sustainable to create 75 minutes of viewing pleasure.

In his closing words Shane paid tribute to all the people who made the event possible, not just all the Flowers from the Farm growers but the admin and design support team and of course all the viewers who made the event such a success.

‘Flowers for Ukraine’ is now available to watch on catch-up. To access the recording, please donate £10+ using this Just Giving page , fill in your email address and then follow the event link automatically sent to you in your thank-you email. It’s as easy as that!




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