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Spotted on the market: Lisianthus ‘Rosanne Emerald Green’.

Hi, I’m Merel van den Burg and I’ve been in the floral industry for more than 25 years, as a florist and a stylist.

I’m the Commercial Manager of Florismartdirect, a platform where we offer everything for the professional florist to run their business.

This week I’ve been discovering more about this pretty NEW variety of lisianthus from Dutch grower Lugt Lisianthus. Have you spotted of used this variety already?

The ‘Rosanne’ varieties have ruffed petals and are double flowering. Lisianthus ‘Rosanne Emerald Green’ has an appealing fresh green colour which will harmonise well with lots of other colours. So great to mix and match. Every single stem of this variety has a lot of buds, so you can easily split the stems to use them in multiple arrangements. The stems certainly feel very sturdy and “heavy”, while the ruffled petals make the flowers look luxurious and fresh.

Lisianthus is a symbol of gratitude and appreciation.

Of course we’ve tested them on vase life, and they lasted more than 10 days. Although the grower pre-treats their lisianthus with flower food, so they open up nicely and for durability, you should always use flower food with lisianthus in your own displays.

All lisianthus grown by Lugt Lisianthus are MPS-GAP certified, meaning they are grown in the most environmental friendly way; another great reason to choose Lugt Lisianthus.




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