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Strelitzia Mother' Day Collection Recipe Cards

Just in time for Mother's Day, Strelitzia have put together a range of bouquet pictures with matching recipe cards, so you’ve got some new pictures to use on your website and social media accounts this Mother’s Day.

Each bouquet design has its own recipe card so you and your team know the exact stem count to put in each bouquet. There’s 5 different product designs, with 3 pictures of each and the recipe cards enable you to create different price points and stem counts to match each product picture.

To get your hands on these great, free images and recipes, all you need to do is fill out Strelitzia's order form and download your free resource today!

Do you watch what you and your team put in each bouquet? The urge to put in an extra stem here and there is real, and trust us, we feel your pain. BUT a stem here and a stem there will eat your profit. You might not think much of adding that extra eryngium, but that £2.00 might be the difference between making a profit and breaking even.

And if you feel the urge, your team definitely will too. And they won’t think twice!

You may know that we also run a florist, Flowers by Nattrass. Sally creates recipes for each bouquet that the florists have to stick to. It’s handy for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s quicker

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • More profit

It’s quicker as there’s no having to add anything up or think about what the bouquet looks like. It’s all there in front of you, ready to go! Customers are generally more satisfied, as fewer mistakes are made when creating a specific bouquet that the customer expects to look like the picture they saw. And you get more profit as no mistakes are made when adding up the stems as you go.

This works as we keep our prices per stem constant, except at peaks when we raise them slightly. We swallow the highs and lows of buying throughout the rest of the year. The spreadsheet you’ll get lists the sell-out price per stem, but you can alter it to suit what you do. You might put cost price, then add the mark-up at the end.

Bouquet recipe cards also generally work for florist choice bouquets, as a rough guide for you and your florists. Use words such as ‘filler’ for statice, solidago and santini as they come under the same price bracket. As long as your florists understand what filler is, they’ll be able to pick and choose exactly what they want to use, whilst still following the correct recipe.

For your free Recipe Cards please click here


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