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Tonight's the night - top speakers in Flower Lounge Live

It's not too late to join in when tonight (19.00 GMT) sees the first of the new Flower Lounge Lives, a new initiative by the Floristry Trade Club and run in conjunction with The Florist Trade Magazine.

Hosted by well-known industry expert and Editor of Florist Magazine, Caroline Marshall-Foster, the show will see three top florist shop owners discuss how to Survive and Thrive in Changing Times and how florists can plan and prepare for the months ahead.

The panellists, Kate Hester-Lock of Grand Flowers in Eastbourne, Dominic Hughes of Pot Pourri in Kew, London, and Gareth Davies who has two shops in Oxford, will explain how they got through the Pandemic, how they have survived tough trading conditions and share their ideas on what florists need to do to protect and grow their businesses.

With over 150 florists already booked in to attend, the programme goes live at 7.00 and promises to be a fascinating, informative and fun evening ... all available online and totally free to view.

All you have to do is register here and your digital ticket will be sent to you. Booking lines close at 6.30pm. See you later!


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