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Turning Floral Waste into Growth - Introducing COM:POST

The floristry industry has long been grappling with its environmental impact. For an industry based around a natural product, its carbon credentials are really poor. com:post is here to help solve one aspect of this picture; the green waste issue. In the UK, most of the green waste produced by the industry goes into landfill, contributing to the country's carbon footprint. Additionally, there are few options for consumers to dispose of their cut flowers responsibly.

COM:POST working florist

com:post's mission is to address these challenges by providing a simple, effective and sustainable solution. The company's system takes green waste and turns it into compost, helping to offset the carbon emissions that are currently a huge issue for the floristry industry. Working with a number of partners, our innovative closed loop system enables consumers and florists to turn their cut flowers into compost that will go onto grow future flowers and food.

COM:POST infographic

What are the benefits?

The com:post system has been created to reduce the environmental impact of the floristry industry, and importantly to support floristry businesses transition to a commercially viable low carbon business model.

  • Enjoy a quick, fully automated service that provides an easy solution for dealing with your green waste.

  • Have confidence that your green waste will be turned into compost.

  • Include this process in your Sustainability Strategy

  • Win new business with environmentally savvy clients who only work with like-minded suppliers.

  • Be a part of driving change within your community and industry.

How to get Involved



Get in touch to find out more information or to sign up.

Launching in March 2024

com:post launches in London and the South East England in March 2024. Our nationwide roll out will follow throughout 2024, for updates visit our website.

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The COM:POST system is cost effective, easily integrated and suitable for floristry businesses of all sizes.




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