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Creating an eco-friendly funeral piece

We have recently started to get requests for more environmentally friendly options for funeral tributes using minimal or no non-biodegradable content, especially single-use plastic, which isn’t ideal if left on a grave for a period of time.

A recent one was for a small memorial posy of vibrant coloured fresh flowers without any plastic. Creating the regular shape of a posy was awkward without utilising the standard posy bowl with floral foam option so I decided to start with a straw wreath to give me the basic shape. I gave this a good soak in vase solution then started to fill the central cavity using a mixture of damp moss for water retention and birch twigs (vine also could be used) to give me a system with which to anchor the flower stems. I bound all this in place stuffing and binding as I went along. In this case, I used reel wire, but twine would be as good and obviously this would compost easily over time.

Once the frame was prepared, I then proceeded to insert my flowers which I had prepared by hydrating intensively in a sealed container layered with wet paper and kept in the cooler from the previous day. To ensure each stem could take up water, I also wrapped the cut end of each one in a little damp moss before inserting it into the design. The framework allowed me to create the design in much the same way as if I was using floral foam, the tangle of twigs serving as a good anchor. The finished piece was then sprayed with water and replaced in the sealed contained and covered. As the piece left the shop, I gave it a final spray of flower and foliage shield.

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