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Floristry Apprenticeships : Employer Guide

Here's what you need to know

  • Always check that your potential apprentice has the right to work in the UK.

  • You’ll need to accommodate college/training provider study time with hands-on work in your shop, typically at least 30 hours a week. Study time is classed as part of an apprentice’s working week.

  • The new Level 2 apprenticeship standard takes up to 21 months to complete (although it can be fast-tracked in 13-18 months) and is an industry-recognised qualification.

  • The apprentice wage is currently £4.30 per hour, increasing to £4.81 per hour in April 2022. The apprenticeship wage is paid by the employer for the first year of the apprenticeship only, after which the hourly rate will revert to the correct wage for the apprentices’ age. (

  • To gain the job-specific skills needed to successfully complete an apprenticeship, you will need to ensure that your apprentice has a clearly defined job role and is able to work closely with your experienced staff members.

  • Working closely with your apprentice’s training provider is essential to ensure that funding, work experience and study are all delivered effectively.

  • Make sure you have an agreed and signed Apprenticeship Agreement at the outset, defining the key elements of the apprenticeship and how the employer, apprentice and training provider will work together to successfully deliver the apprenticeship. This is a legal requirement. You can draft your own Apprenticeship Agreement or use this template from the website.

For a comprehensive guide to taking on an apprentice, take a look at the following government websites:

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