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Herbs, this Season’s ‘Must Have’

Herb: ‘Any plant with leaves, seeds or flowers used for flavouring food, medicine or perfume.’

So many brides are requesting ‘wild’ flowers, seeking that natural, just picked look, and herbs, both flowering and foliage, tick both of those boxes adding scent and a dollop of nostalgia as well. Fortunately for the florist, there are a wide range of herbs grown specifically for the commercial flower market available from the Dutch auctions or from local artisan and UK growers.

If your bride is looking for herbs, then here are our top picks.

Tall herbs for reception/venue designs.

Dill Anethum graveolous

Colour: Mustard yellow

Availability: June – November.

Stem Length: Tall.

Because of its bright colour and strong scent dill is a bold choice to use for a wedding – perhaps not one for the bridal flowers, but, with the right colour scheme and setting, such as informal barn or tepee it could be the perfect ingredient.

Angelica Angelica arguit

Colour: Pale white, red/pink.

Availability: August – September.

Stem Length: Tall.

Like dill, angelica is an umbellifer with a wide, showy flower head and so is better suited for reception and venue arrangements. It’s tall and impressive so an ideal candidate for statement designs.

Flowering herbs for bridal designs and table arrangements.

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia

Colour: Grey/blue, purple.

Availability: June - September.

Stem Length: Medium.

Highly scented and richly coloured lavender complements nearly all colour palettes, it gives contrast against yellow and orange and adds depth to lighter, pastel shades. Can be used either fresh or dried.

Oregano Origanum tyttanthum

Colour: White, pale pink, crimson.

Availability: May – November.

Stem Length: Medium.

Fluffy clumps of small flowers with highly aromatic leaves, oregano is the perfect accompaniment to complete the natural, wildflower look. It can be included in bridal designs and smaller venue arrangements.

Sage Salvia pratensis

Colour: Violet, pink, blue and purple.

Availability: April – October.

Stem Length: Medium.

Use the strong colours of salvia to complement pinks and purples, it is sturdy enough to be wired but is at its best when used formally. Use its upright, linear shape to add line to designs.

Tanacetum Tanacetum parthenium

Colour: Lemon, white.

Availability: All year round.

Stem Length: Medium.

Always a popular choice, especially for brides asking for daisies, the delicate, small heads of tanacetum work beautifully with similar meadow style flowers. Not strong enough for wiring, it’s happiest when arranged directly in water.

Herbs used for their foliage.

Mint Mentha spicata

Colour: Purple, lilac, silver/grey.

Availability: March – September.

Stem Length: Medium.

Perfect for bridal designs, include mint in natural tied posies and informal table vases. The leaves are too soft for wired work but can be used in the bunched/tied style of buttonhole which is trending at the moment.


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