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Seasonal Flower of the Month: Amazing Anemones

One of the most beautiful and delicate of spring flowers, the Poppy Anemone is easy to identify with its black velvet centre and papery single petals. Originating from the Mediterranean, and mentioned as far back as the 4th Century, wild anemones can be seen in woodlands across the UK, but the Coronaria species, which we are most familiar with, was first cultivated in the late 1880s, by a Mrs Lawrenson of Dublin who grew it in her garden. From these humble beginnings, the anemone is now one of our most-loved seasonal flowers.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 120 species of anemone.

  • Also known as ‘wind flower,’ because in Greek mythology it was believed the flowers were sent by the god Anemoi to herald the spring.

  • Purple anemones bring luck and protect against evil, white anemones symbolise sincerity.

Anemone Care

  • Availability: September - May, peaking March-May.

  • Vase Life: 5-7 days.

  • Colour range: Shades of white, red, pink, purple and blue.

  • Optimum Temperature: 2°C.

  • Change water and re-cut stems every 2- 3 days.

  • Display in shallow water, if it is too deep, the soft stem is prone to rot.

  • Anemones are ‘heavy drinkers’ so keep vases topped up.

  • To prolong their vase life, display in a cool spot, away from direct heat.

Display Tip: Because of their short, fleshy stems, they can crush easily if mixed in with other flowers. Emphasise their beauty by displaying them as simple hand-tied posies in clear glass vases.

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