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Social Media News from Avocado Social

Did you know that LinkedIn is currently seeing record levels of engagement?

It’s predicted to grow even further as a platform as economic activity ramps up, post-pandemic. Many businesses are turning their attention to LinkedIn to capitalise on new marketing opportunities.

💼 At the start of June, a new study revealed that document posts on LinkedIn are currently the best performing for clicks. This is where you upload a PDF document, which displays as a swipeable carousel. Video is also generating the highest engagement per impression. These are two content types to focus on as part of your LinkedIn mix! Take a look at the study here.

📱In other social media news, Instagram has just introduced pinnable posts. You can now pin up to 3 posts on your main Instagram grid – and they will remain there until you remove them. Great for promoting key campaign messages and competitions. Here's a link.

In the meantime, wishing you all a successful month.

Alison and Richard

Avocado Social



Exclusively for our Business Subscribers, Avocado Social, have created a series of easy-to-follow vlogs which will take you through the basics of using social media marketing to promote your business, enabling potential customers to find you online and guiding you in spending your time and money on social media as effectively as possible.

The 12 week vlog series covers:-

The team also created two extra videos covering Christmas and Seasonal Events.

To access the full exclusive vlog series visit Social Media Marketing on a Budget.


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