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Sook-ess for Freddie’s Flowers pop-up retail space

Freddie’s Flowers has seen a 65% higher retention rate of customers it met through pop-up spaces, having just taken two spaces with the flexible retail company, Sook.

The company says that face to face customers keep subscriptions on average for five boxes, compared to one box when customers have come through online marketing.

The digital-first brand, Freddie’s Flowers, was founded in 2014 by Freddie Garland and to date has over 130,000 subscribers UK-wide that receive boxes bursting with seasonal fresh flowers.

Freddie’s Flowers first booked the Sook Oxford Street space with one simple goal in mind - ‘signing people up right then and there’. Using Sook’s immersive spaces, it was able to engage with its members without the need for a long-term commitment to physical space.

Thanks to Sook, Freddie’s Flowers had a simple and easy platform to engage with customers and help ensure a higher quality of customer following its recent Sook Oxford Street pop-up, which took place for two weeks in February.

John Hoyle, CEO and Founder of Sook, said: “Sook is truly for everyone. Freddie’s Flowers came with one objective; to engage with current members and sign-up new ones in a fast, visual and immersive way. Sook is just that. Using our digital screens and adaptable space we were able to help Freddie’s Flowers create a space that met its needs, whilst also keeping to the brands rustic brand identity.”

Freddie Garland, Founder of Freddie’s Flowers, added: “As an ecommerce, subscription-based business, we wanted to see how the use of a physical immersive space would help to engage not just our current members but also reach a new market of customers face-to-face. We were thrilled with the results and the flexibility of the Sook space, which is why we are looking to the future of Freddie’s Flowers and the use of the Sook spaces across several different sites.”

Freddies Flowers regularly holds pop ups in other locations ... Hammersmith Station near The Florist Magazine's offices is a favourite spot.

Once orders are placed the majority of deliveries in London are made by bike ... this was taken opposite our Editor's house although no delivery for her!


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