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Top 7 FREE Video & Photo Editing Apps to Promote Your Floristry Business

Running your own floristry business is hard. You're expected to be an expert on everything from employment law, health and safety and social media, to all other kinds of marketing, and that’s not even thinking about the flowers.

We have lots of resources and advice on these topics and more, so here's some great advice on social media, which will hopefully save you time to deal with all of the other things you're juggling as a business owner.

With 59% of the planet on social media according to we are social (January 2023), it’s a fantastic way to market your business and raise awareness with potential customers, as well as reminding people that you’re there. So, when birthdays or big days like Mother’s Day come up, they will think of you.

The downside to social media marketing is that it can be a time-consuming thing to do well. There are hundreds of free resources and apps out there to help you, but which ones should you chose? We’ve compiled a list of our favourites below, though this list is not at all exhaustive.

Just a note before we jump in: we do not receive any money from any of these companies for recommending their products, they’re just ones we use and think are really great.

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