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Website Improvements for the Floristry Trade Club

The Floristry Trade Club’s mission has always been to be THE hub for the whole of the floristry industry. Since our launch in October 2021 we’ve been committed to bringing you dedicated, florist-focused information and support to help you build your career, your skills and your business.

To make sure that you continue to get everything you want from our wonderful Floristry Trade Club community, we’ve treated our website to a bit of a makeover.

What’s changed?

In a nutshell, we’ve improved our website layout and added lots of new features and content to help you navigate your way around the Floristry Trade Club more easily. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific subject, browsing for industry news or want to check on the benefits that come with a Trade Club membership, our redesigned menus, search and navigation options should make your Floristry Trade Club experience even better.

New Areas to Explore

Clubhouse - is our exclusive members area where you can access discounts on leading brands, find lots of support (whether you’re a business owner or an individual florist), buy and sell with fellow florists and lots more.

Inspiration - whether you’re just starting out in your floristry career or have been in the industry for years, there’s always room to improve your floristry skills and knowledge. The Floristry Trade Club now offers lots more inspiration to help you stay up-to-date with the latest styles, techniques, suppliers, flower varieties and floral designers across the industry.

Better Business - from employment contract templates and Health and Safety guides, through to video guides on Search Engine Optimisation and how to market your business online, we’ve got it covered. Our Better Business section provides advice and support specifically for floristry businesses to increase sales and improve profitability.

Training - for those taking their first steps into floristry as a career to established floral designers, it’s important we never stop learning. Training, whether through structured qualifications or on-the-job upskilling, can be a great way to learn about new ways to solve problems, better ways of doing things or to venture into a new side of floristry you’ve not experienced before. The Club makes it easier for you to explore and compare floristry training options and access training providers.

Perks - Floristry Trade Club Perks now offers our members a great range of exclusive deals and discounts to save you money, whether it’s money off your weekly grocery shop, reducing holiday spend or a weekend takeaway delivered to your door.

Community Noticeboard - whether you’ve got a florist business for sale, are looking to fill florist vacancies, or have boxes of sundries in the backroom that you want to sell, we can help. Our Community Noticeboard is a place for people in the floristry industry to buy and sell with each other or post job ads and get them in front of the right people

Diary Dates – keep track of key industry events, marketing schedules and more with our revamped Diary Dates section. Special days, retail dates, webinars, competitions, networking events and more, they're all here. We've put together a comprehensive list of dates for your diary so you'll never miss another sales opportunity or industry event again.

Supplier Directory – our directory of floristry industry suppliers ensures you’re never more than a click away from being in touch with the latest products and services. With suppliers spanning wholesale flowers, floristry tools, technology, training, accreditation, HR and employment support and health needs, our directory is here to save you time and improve your bottom line. These suppliers have partnered with the Floristry Trade Club because they want to help your business flourish whilst making a positive difference to the industry, today and in the future.

What Hasn’t Changed?

What hasn’t changed at the Floristry Trade Club is our commitment to bring you quality content and genuine membership benefits that you won’t get anywhere else in the industry. We’ll continue to work hard to promote and support the whole of the industry and to promote floristry as a wonderfully creative and fulfilling career.

We hope you love the changes we’ve made to The Club and welcome any feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Floristry Trade Club or your membership please get in touch.





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