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Unlock your organic opportunity with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whether you’re an established online florist or just starting out in online sales, understanding SEO gives you the opportunity to make more transactions and more revenue.

Here at eflora, we have worked with one of Europe’s leading SEO agencies to create a four-part series of easy-to-follow vlogs which will take Floristry Trade Club Business Members through the basics of unlocking your organic search engine opportunity, enabling potential customers to find you online and guiding you in spending your time and money as effectively as possible..

Whether you manage your business website yourself or pay someone to do it for you, it’s vital that it is operating as effectively as possible. That means potential customers can not only find your business easily online but they can also find exactly the products they’re looking for within your website.

There may be fewer customers walking down the high street these days, but many are searching and shopping online. Your business needs to be as visible to these shoppers as your bricks and mortar shop is (if you have one).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of a successful website, so it will help enormously if you understand the key elements of SEO, even if someone else is managing it for you.

In Series One, our videos will walk you through what SEO is, why it matters and how taking some simple steps to improve your website content and functionality could make all the difference to the number of customers walking through your virtual door.

In Series Two, you’ll learn how keywords can help you achieve more sophisticated targeting for your website and how you can use keyword research tools to help you create your ideal keywords list. You’ll also learn why different pages of your website content should target different consumer search needs and why it’s better to have few pages that are perfectly optimised for search than lots of pages with a poor search ranking potential.

In Series Three, you’ll learn why Google My Business is so important for improving your business profile and for building a strong and positive presence online. By proactively managing your Google My Business profile, you can promote your business to a much wider audience, interact with your customers and make sure you can always be found by those searching for what you sell.

In Series Four, this final set of video explores those fine details that can really help your website’s visibility, bringing new customers to your website and ultimately helping you to sell more.

If you are Business Member just click the button below to start your SEO learning journey. New episodes will be added every Friday so make sure you keep coming back.



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