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What kind of Stripper are you?

Grab and pull ‘em, slide them down gently or just rip ‘em off ... truth is how you strip and condition your flowers can make a huge difference.

Sorry ... if you thought we were talking about something else, we’re going to disappoint you. The intro shot may be sexy but most florists will admit that cutting and conditioning is not exactly the most exciting job in the world.

Thing is the way you strip can make a huge difference to both your productivity and profitability. Because unless the cutting and conditioning is done properly you can either end up with damaged stems (and so shorten the life span of the flowers and ergo reduce customer satisfaction and increase wastage, or actually do yourself damage by causing sore hands and damaged fingers.

Which is why these very basic but oh-so-important gizmos from the OASIS® Floral Products range of tools can be both a life saver and profit booster, especially when you are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of stems at a rush.

First up is their full-on Thorn Stripper ... a heavy-duty metal headed stripper that slides down the stem removing the thorns without ripping them off and causing open wounds that can let infection in.

If you want something slightly more lightweight, then grab the Simple Stripper that does the same job but is better for thinner stemmed roses.

Finally ... and probably our favourite ... is the Handy Foliage Remover ... a double-sided durable rubber disc that you simply slide down the stem to remove foliage and tips of thorns in one easy action.

All the tools are available online at the OASIS® Floral Products easy-to-use website which offers over 3000 products and next day delivery.


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