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Florismartdirect 2024 Trends - Year Round Wreaths

Wreath infographic by Florismartdirect

Circles and rings have held a mythical significance for humankind since ancient times, across all cultures. The practice of twisting natural materials into a ring shape has been one of the earliest expressions of the power of the circle. Wreaths, circles, and garlands have a rich and captivating history, and by making your own, you will be partaking in a centuries-old tradition. 

Wreath with yellow flowers

Adding a floral wreath is the best way to brighten up your doorway and welcome a new season. Wreaths are no longer just for the festive season or special occasions, but are becoming increasingly popular as a year-round decoration. For the spring season, consider adding tulips or seasonal plants wrapped in flat moss. There are many ideas for a lovely wreath, including using preserved materials, salix, or eucalyptus as a base.

As the front door serves as the entry point to a home, promoting this trend and providing examples can generate enthusiasm among your customers. Everlasting wreaths made of silk items are also popular. Wreath-making classes are not restricted to the Christmas season, but are also great for spring workshops. I'm a big fan of wreaths and enjoy making them.

So jump in on this trend and let your creativity flow to inspire your customers and generate more sales.

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