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World Cup Competitors – Design Inspiration

The Interflora World Cup will be a truly unmissable experience as we bring together exceptional florists from across the globe, all hoping to walk away as World Champion.

To get two world class florists together is rare, to get 20 is a once in a lifetime event. All 20 competitors are winners of their own national competitions, making them the best in the business at creating stunning floral art. Competing at the Interflora World Cup gives each of these florists a chance to put their astonishing skills and creativity to the ultimate test, in timed challenges judged by the toughest critics in the industry.


There’s such a diverse range of countries and cultures represented at the 2023 World Cup, from Canada to Vietnam, Finland to Japan. Which means that an equally diverse range of design styles and creative inspiration will be on show.

Many of the competitors credit the natural world as their main source of inspiration, with Ivan Moreno, representing Colombia, praising “the noble behaviour of nature, the traces and lines produced by plants and trees, the humidity and the blossoming of life.” Saija Sitolahti, representing Finland said, “I have been living among flowers all my life and my home is in the countryside so natural elements are always present in my work.”

The influence of nature on creativity is perhaps best summed up by Thanh Tran, representing Vietnam, who told us “I think nature is the biggest of all inspirations. Growing up in a small town it was the plants, trees, sky and sea that surrounded me and inspired this love of the natural world. I aim to reflect this in my designs.”

Beyond the primary inspiration of nature, the design styles of many florist competitors have also been influenced by other art forms including sculpture, ceramics, painting, photography and native crafts. Nicolaus Peters, representing Germany, shared his philosophy, saying “My hobbies and interests are what inspires me, so I try and incorporate gardening, ceramics and woodturning into my floral designs and styling.”

Florists also cite architecture, fashion, interior design and travel as hugely inspiring. Alejandro Figueira, representing Venezuela, said “I’m inspired by contemporary art and architecture”, while Patricia Aguin, representing Spain shared her thoughts; “Nature is my main source of inspiration but I’m also inspired by other professional florists and other art forms like painting and photography, as well as different cultures.”

With so much to inspire our World Cup competitors we can look forward to an event that will stimulate all of the senses. Make sure you're following the Floristry Trade Club on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest World Cup news.

For more information about our 2023 competitors and to see more examples of their stunning work, head to the Competitors page Interflora World Cup - Countries %Competitors | Interflora of the Interflora World Cup website.

Tickets are still available for all three days of competition Tickets - Interflora World Cup 2023 (



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