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Houseplant Styling for Christmas

It's party time for your houseplants!

There is nothing that a couple of glass baubles and a bit of sparkle can’t do to lift even the most commonplace of plants. Give your houseplants a Christmas makeover and watch them fly off the shelves.

Snow White

A simple and beautiful way to display hyacinths at Christmas. Each bulb has been carefully wrapped and pinned into a soft cocoon of stachys leaves before being placed in a slim glass container on a sparkling base of baubles and angel hair.

How it’s made: By using waxed hyacinth bulbs, which will flower without water.

Where to display: This would be ideal in a cooler spot, such as a hallway or porch window.

Pink Sophistication

Orchids are very happy in clear glass, as in their natural environment their roots are exposed to light. The usual heavy green support canes have been removed and replaced with a delicate cage of red Midelino sticks; a few carefully chosen colour-coordinated baubles complete the look.

How it’s made: Put a handful of orchid compost into the bottom of the container before ‘planting’ the orchid, then add the baubles and finally the Midelino sticks. Choose a bowl with slightly concave sides, this will naturally push the sticks inwards.

How to care for: A gentle misting over the festive period is all that will be required to keep it fresh. After Christmas, once the sticks and baubles have been removed, the orchid will continue to flower.

Bring out your Begonias!

Currently having a resurgence in popularity is the humble begonia. It’s an ideal plant for warm rooms as it originates from Brazil and prefers temperatures between 15-21°C. It’s natural flowering season is winter so there’s no excuse not to have a beautiful begonia in the home at Christmas.

How it’s made: Choose a low, decorative bowl and mass plant mini begonias, leaving just enough space for baubles for a touch of sparkle. This would be a lovely design for a hallway or a table centrepiece. Alternatively, nestle pink or red begonias into a wicker basket and wrap up with a collar of rolled white sisal to create an unusual and individual gift.

How to care for: Mist occasionally, and don’t overwater as this can cause the plant to rot.

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Su Whale is a florist and freelance writer with over twenty-five years' experience in the floristry industry. She is the author and publisher of three best-selling books: Cut Flowers, 4th edition (2020) Cut Foliage, 2nd Edition, (2021) and Houseplants (2019), all bookshelf-essentials for the professional florist.


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