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Seasonal Shop Displays: Get the Autumn Look

How many times have you walked down a high street with no intention of shopping, but an outside display catches your eye, you stop to admire it, then before you know, you are inside and purchasing something?

As florists, we have the right materials and creative flair to excel at pavement displays, and as long as you have the space and permission you can really go to town. Don’t forget that how you display outside gives a good indication of your personal style and also your interior shop. So get creative and set the seasonal scene.

The Urban Look

This is all about colour and impact. Coleus, Kalanchoe, abundant trailing ivies, Solanum, heather…this display shouts autumn and ‘pick up and buy me.’ Everything is wrapped ready to pop into your basket. This is also an easy to replenish display, simply bringing inside stock outside, but so effective.

The Cotswolds Look

A little more restrained, but no less appealing, create a rural theme by using a collection of wicker baskets and rustic crates. A solid bench at the back pulls the display together and most importantly, space is left in the centre to allow access for shoppers.

The Modern Look

Short of space? This display outside a modern frontage is utilising the limited area available in a clever and stylish way, no plastic buckets here! All the flower bunches are wrapped, ready to go, just waiting to be picked up and bought.

Colour is the draw here - who wouldn’t be attracted to this imaginatively presented seasonal display of plants and flowers, just asking to be browsed.

Setting the scene

Not everything outside needs to be for sale. Props such as these glass bowls filled with windfall apples look amazing and simply shout autumn.

Tips for pavement displays.

  • Always make sure the area is clean and swept before setting out the display.

  • Make sure nothing is out of reach for the customer and that they have space to stand and browse.

  • Price everything up.

  • Spell flower and plant names correctly.

  • Plants displayed outside will dry out more quickly than those inside. Keep them well watered.




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