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How I Protect my Business from Crime

In May 2014 we had an attempted break in at our shop. I turned up to work as I was opening up that day and was completely horrified to see that someone had used a chisel-like tool to try and prise the front door open.

There were lumps of wood littering the doorstep and a smashed small pane of glass in the actual door.

My immediate thought was to ring the police and they were extremely efficient and turned up within two hours with their forensics team.

At that time there had been a spate of break-ins in the area and obviously all the shop keepers were nervous. The butcher had a break-in and the thieves had stolen their takings, as did the pet shop and the cake decorating business next door. Ours had been the only shop in Hampton that the thieves hadn’t successfully robbed.

I asked the forensics lady why they hadn’t managed to gain access and she said it was because we still had our original Edwardian shop lock and also two more new locks, top and bottom, which we had fitted in the early 2000s when we gained our alcohol license. She also said that they hadn’t managed to break in around the back either because we have a similar lock system there too, plus extra bars at the top window which were also added when we decided to sell alcohol.

Ever since that day we have been very security conscious. I would certainly recommend:-

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