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Plants for Romance

There’s more than one way to say ‘I love you’ than with a dozen red roses, however gorgeous! An artful arrangement of plants shows not only that thought has gone into choosing the gift, but it will also be, well, if not quite eternal, certainly longer lasting than a bouquet of flowers.

Using plants is an interesting and unusual way to create a unique Valentine’s Day gift. There is nothing like designing something quirky and eye-catching that will not only show your customers your range of talents but could also start a conversation with them, and who knows where that might lead?



Orchids, modern and sophisticated, add a touch of panache for Valentine’s Day. Create a heart frame from aluminium wire or Medilino sticks to carefully weave your orchid stems around before accessorising with a coordinating ceramic container.


Entwined plants

Make the most of the current trend for all things vintage and homely with these unusual heart-shaped Hedera. Using ordinary knitting wool, these frames can be prepared well in advance, decorative balls of wool as accessories are an optional extra!

For Him


For customers looking for something a little more masculine, this could be the answer. A wicker heart has been simply but effectively decorated with strands of Senecio before being further accentuated with bold green heart shapes.

For Her 


Give a new look to the humble Kalanchoe. A wicker heart frame has been covered in these pretty, hardy flowering plants interspersed with leafy Begonia rex in striking shades of pink and red. Some carefully placed heart decorations ensure that the message gets across.

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