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Keep Track of Your Roses this Valentine's Day

Hi, I’m Amy from Flowers by Nattrass.

Every Valentine’s week I get drafted into our shop to help with keeping track of the number of stems we have left to sell. Never an easy task!

I create an excel spreadsheet which lists every design we sell combined with a menu of flowers and a second sheet that calculates how the number of bouquets we have sold translates to stem count. This way we can see in advance what we have left of the stems we have bought.

For example: If I have 600 ‘Explorer’ roses and I sell 12 I have 588 left. This looks like simple maths on the surface (and even the Excel geek in me knows it is a pretty dry topic) but in the depths of Valentine’s week, knowing how many roses you have left when a bouquet is ordered is vital. There is nothing more annoying than knowing you could have sold more and increased your profits but the idea of selling a bouquet you cannot fulfil gives every florist nightmares!

So, I’ve created a simple tracker for your all-important roses over Valentine’s week. Simply keep it updated when your rose bouquets come in and just like magic the spreadsheet will calculate how many roses you have left at any given time. I have colour coded it to make it easy to understand. REMEMBER - only change the orange cells!

Email me at with your name, business name and website and I’ll send you a free copy!

I hope it helps and good luck for Valentine’s.


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