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The Wedding Industry in Full Bloom: Insights from Top Florist Elis Lambert, Luxury Florals

The wedding industry has changed, and no one knows this better than Elis, a florist with 19 years of experience and former owner of Flower & Art in Berlin. "When I started doing weddings 13 years ago, it was purely a filler for the summer months," Elis explains. "But now it's an important part of my work." Her team has grown from five to 12 employees, which emphasises the growing demand for florists in the wedding world.

Elis Lambert

Digitalisation and Social Media: The New Standard

"Every bride today comes with Pinterest boards and Instagram photos," says Elis. "The motto is 'more is more', and even artificial flowers are trendy now!" Mood boards and professional photos have become a must. Bridal couples expect florists to also be decorators and wedding planners, making the role of the florist more versatile and demanding than ever. "There used to be more imagination in weddings, now it's about perfection and detail driven by digital inspiration.

Bride with bridesmaids

The art of wedding floristry

"Time and attention for the customer are the be-all and end-all," emphasises Elis. "Every decoration must perfectly match other elements such as cutlery and invitation cards. Clients often have no idea of the cost of their dream wedding and it is the florist's job to make this clear and manage their expectations. Logistics play a big part in the planning process, which is often overlooked. "No wedding couple thinks about the logistics. That's why it often seems more expensive because they don't factor in the additional costs of planning and execution.

Style shoots and working with wedding planners

Elis cannot emphasise enough how important style shoots are. "You should do at least two to four shoots every year to show off your skills. Customers buy with their eyes." These photo shoots not only help to attract new customers, but also keep the florist's portfolio up to date with the latest trends. Her collaboration with several wedding planners on Mallorca and in Berlin strengthens her service offering and makes every wedding unique and special. "I work with about five different wedding planners. This collaboration ensures that everything runs smoothly and the customer is satisfied."

Reliability of wholesalers

"Everything has to be right for weddings, from the colour to the variety," says Elis. "FleuraMetz offers a reliable range and a super handy app, which is essential for our planning." The ability to order flowers well in advance, variety-fast, and the certainty that they will arrive on time and in perfect condition is invaluable. "Reliability is everything. For weddings, colour codes and the exact type of flowers are crucial, and FleuraMetz always delivers what it promises."

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FleuraMetz are one of the largest and most trusted florist wholesalers in the world who deliver all year round, wherever you are in the UK or Ireland.


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