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Health Assured: 2023 Wellbeing Calendar is here!

We’ve reached that time of year when it’s time to look forward at what’s to come in the world of Health Assured throughout 2023. Our annual wellbeing calendar is back, and this time—it's even bigger than before.

In 2023 we’re going to be taking wellbeing to new heights with bite-sized learnings, monthly Spotify playlists, more marvellous mental health hours and live webinars on the latest wellbeing topics.

We’re diving deep with our counsellors in monthly Peace of Mind Podcasts and discussing the latest mental and physical health topics on our fantastic blog—from advice on handling the cost-of-living crunch to tips for keeping your mental health in good shape this year.

Download it today on Google Play or the App Store.


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Your health and wellbeing is paramount. We are therefore proud to offer access to an Individual Assistance Programme (IAP), delivered by Health Assured – the UK and Ireland’s leading wellbeing provider. Health Assured is included in Club Perks for all Business and Individual Memberships from as little as £5 per month with Individual Membership. For more information visit Health Assured - Key Partner | Floristry Trade Club.


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