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How to be a successful Freelance Florist

It’s all about relationships. I have always believed that in business, building relationships means everything and the floral industry is no different.

To be a successful freelance florist, you not only require the following skills:

  • Experience in floristry

  • Be a good designer

  • Be able to take direction

  • Lead when necessary

  • Be able to think on your feet

  • Be excellent at time management


you also have to have a personality that will take you from different businesses and clients, be able to fit in with different design teams and crews and liaise confidently with fellow suppliers that you will come into contact with as a freelance florist.

You have to fit in as though you are part of that particular permanent team/crew. That way you will please your employer, you will work better with your fellow florists and floral designers and you will create for yourself, a great working relationship reputation.

This will then generate ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

I would advise that when starting out as a freelance florist, you should consider:

  1. Have a good, strong portfolio and CV ready for perspective employers. This should reflect the type of work you have experience in and your flexibility to design work.

  2. When applying/enquiring for freelance work, sound enthusiastic and excited at the possibility of potentially working for such a fabulous company/brand.

  3. Be prepared to work long hours.

  4. Be prepared to organise your own travel arrangement to the place of work, wherever that maybe; remember freelance work is generally not in one particular location or site

  5. Register with freelance florist groups on social media and agencies online. LET THE INDUSTRY KNOW THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE WORK!

  6. Be prepared to abide by the company rules

  7. Be prepared to wear a uniform if required.

  8. Be prepared in some instances, to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  9. Be open to different styles of work. Don’t be precious.

  10. When on site, ensure you have absolute respect for the employers / client’s property.

  11. Be prepared to pay your own taxes and insurances.

  12. Create yourself a brand, and have business cards printed.

Freelance floristry can be fun, you gain new florist friends, build networks within the industry and create a reputation for being an excellent freelancer. Every day is a new day as a freelancer, you will see so many different aspects of the floral industry.

The freelancers who have built a great reputation are the ones that are always hired and booked for months in advance………..and get to see the world.

REMEMBER: Building strong RELATIONSHIPS is key!

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