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Marketing Made Easy: Printed Marketing Materials for Florists

This month in our Marketing Made Easy series, we're going to let you know how you can use printed marketing materials to make a good impression. By now, if you've followed these guides, you'll have created a brand identity that you're proud of. This means your marketing materials can be well designed using the same fonts, colours and themes, so they all work together.

If you've been networking, you may have connected with a trustworthy graphic designer and printer. How about asking them to produce some of your high-quality marketing materials? It's essential to get the quality right because, in many cases, these printed materials are the first interaction customers will have with your company.

Take the time and invest in your print content, and you could see a higher return on investment from your marketing efforts.

To start, it's important to understand what printed marketing materials are.

What do we mean by printed marketing material?

Marketing materials include any items used to communicate your marketing to customers. In print marketing, this includes business cards, brochures, catalogues, signage, flyers, etc.

Why are printed marketing materials necessary for a floristry business?

Quality printed sales materials can be tightly connected with the rest of your marketing efforts. Rather than bombarding a potential customer with all your information at once, you're able to break it up into different pieces that answer their questions at various stages during the buying process. From there, you can develop a sales funnel that gives more information depending on whether they're a customer you want to capture or keep. Here are some ideas for you to think about.

Printed Marketing Materials for Florists

1. Business cards

You knew this was going to make the cut, didn't you?! And that's because they are one of the most traditional forms of printed marketing materials. Many people suggest that business cards aren't needed anymore, but we think the opposite. A well-designed business card can be handed out at events, attached to floral displays that customers purchase and used as point-of-sale material. If you create displays for local businesses, you can even ask if they'd allow you to keep a small pile next to your creation.

2. Brochures

A well thought out brochure will have maximum impact. Firstly, decide on where you’ll hand out your brochures. Secondly, put yourself in your customer's shoes. For example, you might be attending wedding fairs this year. What might the soon-to-be-wed couple want to read? It could be testimonials from other happy couples who’ve used your services in the past. Maybe a case study from a wedding where you can proudly show off your displays and how you worked with the bridal party to develop the theme/design. What questions do couples ask as they go on their journey with you? Note them down and add them to an FAQ section.

3. Flyers

Flyers are an example of cost-effective printed marketing materials. With Mother's Day and Easter on the horizon, why not start thinking about designing and printing some that display your bestselling bouquets. You can begin attaching the flyers to customer purchases now. As it gets closer to Mother's Day, you could even start handing them out in your local area. Don't forget to include all of your contact details, including your shop address, website and social media handles.

Top Tip: if you're a whizz on the computer, then consider signing up to a 'design your own' platform like Canva. You can quickly create flyers using your brand colours, modern graphics, and user-friendly templates. Just download your design and print yourself or send it to an online printer.

4. Greetings cards

Flowers and greeting cards often go hand in hand. Customers are usually buying bouquets with a celebration in mind. Have you considered offering customers a card when they purchase flowers from you? You could include the card as part of a package deal, give it away for 'free' or use them as add-ons to upsell. Partner with a local illustrator and create designs unique to you. Add your details such as website, email, and social media handles to the back of the card mock-up at the point of printing.

5. How-to guides

One way to retain customers is by giving them added value when interacting with your brand. This could be a downloadable guide found on your website or a discount code when they purchase. Adding value using printed marketing materials could be clever content that you attach to each sale. For example, if your shop sells loose, freshly cut flowers, why not include a 'how to display your flowers' guide with each sale. If a customer purchases a bouquet, add a 'how to make your flowers last' guide. Each one can show off your expertise, add value and allow another touchpoint in your sales journey long after the customer has left your shop.

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In our series: A simple guide to marketing your floristry business. The Floristry Trade Club’s Marketing Made Easy series has been designed with busy florists in mind. Running a floristry business can be tricky. From creating wonderful blooms to marketing your product, there's a lot to juggle:

The aim of these simple guides is to help you understand the different activities that fall under the marketing umbrella and how you can make them work for you. 


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