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The Romance of Colour

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, everything inevitably tends to turn to shades of red, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Red flowers can be prohibitively expensive, so look for alternative colours that are actually far more romantic than vibrant red. Your customers may be stuck on the idea of red or nothing, but introduce them to a new, more subtle pastel combination which will also be kinder to their wallet, and you never know what might happen!

What are Pastels?

Any colour that has white added to it to lighten, but not overwhelm, its original shade. Examples are lilac, peach, coral, lemon and mint green. These colours are muted and delicate, a toned-down version of stronger hues and are more soothing to the eye.

Top Pastels


Associated with femininity, tenderness and romance, it’s easy to see why pink is offered as an alternative to red on Valentine’s Day.

If pink roses are pricey, look at other alternatives such as double lisianthus or fluffy carnations.


Lilac is a shade of purple, created by mixing red and blue with a touch of white. A warm colour, it lends itself to purple and pink.


A combination of orange and yellow, softened with white achieves peach. A gentle shade it can be used as an accent in neutral bouquets or more subtly in the background balancing stronger colours.

Salmon and Apricot

Orange is diluted by adding pink with a dash of white for salmon, while apricot or coral is predominantly orange with just a hint of white and pink.

Putting Pastels Together

Spring Pastels

Trailing clematis, scented hyacinths and stocks, with pretty peach carnations are arranged in a modern, plain white vase. This is a light, delicate design, which not only looks fabulous but will smell wonderful as well.

A Combination of Coral

Who would choose red over this gorgeous arrangement of roses, mini gerbera, lisianthus and anemones in a palette of coral, peach and off-white, arranged in water for maximum vase life?

Just a hint…

Even softer in its appeal is this simple white jug filled with long lasting lisianthus in peach, pink and lilac. A perfect pick up and go.

Lovely Lilac

It couldn’t get more romantic, an armful of pale lilac roses with calla lilies and anthurium softened with clouds of wax flower.


Su Whale is a florist and freelance writer with over twenty-five years' experience in the floristry industry. She is the author and publisher of three best-selling books: Cut Flowers, 4th edition (2020) Cut Foliage, 2nd Edition, (2021) and Houseplants (2019), all bookshelf essentials for the professional florist.


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