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Why Florist are More Expensive than Supermarkets - Infographic to Download

"Why are you so expensive?"

If you've ever worked in a florist shop then you've no doubt heard this question from customers comparing the flowers you sell to blooms from the local supermarket. So this Valentine's Day if you need to remind customers of the difference, show them this.

Difference in roses infographic

On the left is a standard 40cm rose, with a minimum head size of 3.5cm x 2.5cm, typical varieties are 'Red Alert', 'Red Secret', 'Romeo', 'Furiosa' and 'Red Dragon' (we believe the rose in this image is 'Red Secret').

On the right is a premium, large-headed 60cm 'Freedom' rose from Columbia or Ecuador.

So if you get any feedback of “well I can get a dozen from my local supermarket for a lot cheaper”, you can remind customers that what they are paying for is NOT the same product. And the flowers in a supermarket probably haven’t had the right care and conditioning from an expert florist and so won’t last as long.

Feel free to share this image with your customers, you can download a copy to print out with the button below. The first step to customers understanding why florists are more expensive is educating them on the difference between what we do and what they get elsewhere.

For more Valentine's Day insight, inspiration and support our florist-focused Valentine's Hub, helps you to power through this Valentine’s peak. Although the red rose will never be knocked off top spot, the tulip is not far behind!  


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