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The Power of Print Marketing

Print marketing was once the most common form of business promotion, whether it was free listings in the local paper, direct mail through the letterbox or adverts in the glossy magazines.

The rise of digital marketing and the internet threatened to kill off print but it’s now having something of a renaissance. In a world where we’re overloaded with online ads, pop ups, email and social posts, something tangible like print has the novelty factor.

While digital marketing with continue to dominate, its time to take a fresh look at print. Here’s how to weave print marketing in to your plans.

1/Create a print ‘family’ of your marketing materials

Don’t just think about a one-off brochure or flyer. Gather all your current marketing materials together. Grab your business cards, postcards, stickers, pens, pads, compliment slips, letterheads, email signatures, brochures, invoices, quotes, event/exhibition materials and even flick through your web pages.

Look at everything together. Are they cohesive? Would a prospective customer recognise that all the materials belong to the same company? Is the tone of voice the same? Is the messaging the same? Is the branding consistent across all the marketing materials? If it’s not, it’s time to have a little spring clean and create a powerful family print pack that truly showcases your business.

2/Think environmentally

When you think print, the first thing that usually comes to mind is chopping down trees. You may think that digital marketing is better for the environment than print. But every email you send, website you create or blog post you write has to live somewhere. Usually, data is hosted in GIANT warehouses full of servers, using up vital power and energy. Take a look here to understand the scale:

Print can be unsustainable, too but it can be a much greener industry IF you are willing to look at sustainable options. You can now use recycled paper, plantable seeded paper, paper made from bamboo and grass, plant-based inks and recycled paper packaging.

Dynamic Print in Norwich goes one step further. Their customers can capture the CO2 emissions from paper purchases by planting native woodland, right here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme.

3/Have a strategy

Why print? What type of customer do you want to target? What is the best location to get print to them? Home? Work? Leisure venue? Shopping centre? What type of information do they need? What is your budget for print? What return are you looking to get? Print marketing works if you a) have amazing on-brand materials and b) are super targeted with your approach.

Don’t use ‘Dear Homeowner’. That generic stuff doesn’t do the job. Find out who they are, but be compliant with UK Data Protection laws, of course. Check out the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations to be sure. Write a personalised hand written note if you can. Make an impact.

4/Do the best job possible

If you are using print marketing to attract new customers you generally have one shot to make a good first impression. Print marketing is a time to pull out all the stops and wow them. What is the best quality paper stock you can afford? Do you want a specialist finish such a coatings or foil? Think about hiring a specialist design and print company.

Sarah from Dynamic Print in Norwich has some sound advice, “I always promote the importance of having a good quality business card, either by making sure they are die cut, foiled or embossed, round mini or large. Because the second impression anyone will get of you is when you hand over your business card; the first being YOU.”

5/Follow up

It takes time, energy and work to make print marketing flourish for your business. A targeted and personalised approach with powerful printed marketing materials will get you so far, but the best business owners will always follow up, either with an email and special offer, a free sample, guide or course. If the customer lands on your website, use digital marketing to then serve them some retargeting ads on Insta or Facebook. See how digital and print can work together?




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