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My Working Day: Valentine’s Day Delivery Driver

Wholesalers and shops are filling up with red roses, customers are placing orders, and, come 14th February every florist in the country will be working flat out.

There is one vital link in the chain however that ensures that all the hard work put into making Valentine’s Day a success doesn’t go to waste and that is the delivery driver, the man or woman who takes the flowers from florist to front door.

We talked to delivery driver Brett Whale from the Flower Centre, Birmingham about his working day bringing romance to the doorstep.

How does your Valentine’s Day start?

Early! But not as early as the florists, by the time I get to work, most of my orders have been sorted into a dedicated delivery area so I can find them easily. My delivery list has also been printed out for me.

What essentials do you take with you?

Calling cards, in case people aren’t in, a spare box of chocolates (just in case!) and a fully charged mobile phone plus an A-Z. Sat nav is a wonderful thing, but you can’t beat having an actual map book as well.

Any tips that you have picked up which makes your day easier?

If you can tell the difference between a hand-tied and a gift bouquet that’s really helpful. It means you know what you are looking for! Also, before you drive off, count how many orders are on the van and make sure that tallies with the number you have ticked off your clipboard.

How are things organised back at the shop?

They have a copy of my list, and cross off what I have taken so they know what I’ve got on. All the actual orders once completed are also paperclipped to the list so if they are any delivery or customer queries they can put their hands on the order easily.

Any special tips on delivering Valentine’s flowers?

If you’re delivering 12 red roses it needs to stay that way! And, I always like to have my clipboard in my hand when I ring the bell, so I don’t get mistaken for a mystery boyfriend.

What is your most memorable delivery?

I was delivering on order to a woman and a man opened the door, told me he was her husband and then said that he hadn’t ordered her any flowers….

And the most embarrassing?

Walking into a busy car workshop full of male mechanics, holding a large bouquet of flowers with an ‘I love you’ balloon attached to it.




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