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The 10 most common HR Challenges for Small Businesses

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For significant business success, you generally can’t go it alone. You need advisors, mentors, customers, suppliers and often, staff. However, a lot of business owners are terrified of taking on employees because of the additional challenges they bring.

Whilst there is arguably nothing to stop an employee taking an employer to an employment tribunal, you have to approach life as an employer with the view that you will always do the right thing and give yourself the best possible chance of winning in an employment tribunal should you be unfortunate enough to end up in one.

By doing the right thing – and looking after the needs of you, your business and your staff – you will end up with a more successful business.

So, what exactly are the HR challenges keeping employers up at night at the moment?

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Attracting and hiring the right people has always been difficult, but since Brexit and Covid, many businesses are finding this even more of a struggle. As a small business owner, you often need to compete with larger companies for top talent, so you need to think differently. There are several approaches you can take but one which many companies are now using is to hire for attitude and then train the skills you need. As long as you don’t need specific qualifications from day one, find the people who buy into what it is you do and have the ability to learn and train them up.

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