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UK based Green & Bloom take on Dutch rivals

Two of Covent Garden Market’s leading cut-flowers and plants wholesalers have merged to create Green & Bloom, a one-stop shop for florists and plant specialists.

And although currently London based, the plan is to look at nationwide expansion so that all florists can take advantage of the unique skill base the two companies bring together.

Zest Flowers, headed up by Graeme Diplock (pictured right) and Arnott & Mason headed up by Freddie Heathcote (pictured left) have operated from New Covent Garden as traditional wholesale businesses for a combined duration of over 50 years.

This new partnership will allow for a significantly expanded online store offering 15,000 lines, while a base at New Covent Garden Market gives customers the option to visit and select their own products each morning.

Managing Director and Head of Business Development, Freddie Heathcote said: “We feel that now is the time to combine forces, along with enhanced technology and infrastructure, to create a single entity that will give our customers additional purchasing options, increased levels of service and a far wider diversity of product offering.”

Managing Director and Cash & Carry Sales Director, Graeme Diplock, commented: “In recent times, there’s been a surge in online flower and plant sales and the increasing capacity of Dutch exporters to deliver cut-price product in high volumes direct to their UK customers, has made the market ultra-competitive. The merger is a fightback against competition from exporters dubbed ‘Flying Dutchmen’.

The joining of our two businesses is built out of a passion to ensure that our customers get the very best out of Covent Garden. While it has always been a struggle to compete on prices with direct suppliers in Holland, the creation of Green & Bloom now means that we’re able to offer all customers an online service that rivals our Dutch competition both in terms of pricing and a better service.”

The new web-shop means that Green & Bloom customers will be able to make their purchases 24 hours a day with the option of either collection from the central London location or delivery to their desired destination. Through well-established connections with growers across Europe, South America, Africa and the UK, Green & Bloom can offer a vastly diverse range of goods at optimum freshness and extremely competitive prices.

Existing account holders of both Zest or Arnott & Mason will automatically become account holders on the new Green & Bloom and wider customers invited to use the web-shop from early 2022.

Freddie Heathcote added: “Our aim is to make our customers’ lives easier, so they can concentrate on the success of their business, and we can grow with them. We will also relieve our customers of the painful headache of the un-transparent cost increases and excessive post-Brexit administrative burden being forced on them if they buy direct from an EU exporter.”

Green & Bloom remains 100% committed to New Covent Garden Flower Market, with Diplock commenting: “We see what we’re doing as being of tremendous benefit to our suppliers, customers and the market. We’re securing the future of the market and of our own businesses by doing something innovative rather than standing still.”




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