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Why are Reviews on Google so Important?

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Google Business (formerly Google My Business or GMB) reviews are an essential aspect of building and growing the profile of any bricks and mortar floristry business online.

Reviews provide customers with valuable insights into your business and can help build trust and credibility among potential customers, just as must as word of mouth. Google is the most trusted review platform across all industries* with the percentage of consumers using Facebook to evaluate local businesses falling for the second year in a row*. These statistics show just how important they are:

87% of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022*
76% of consumers “regularly” read online reviews when browsing for local businesses*

*Source for each of these statistics: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2023

In this blog post, we'll explore why Google Business reviews are so important for local floristry businesses. If you’ve not set-up your Google Business profile yet (or if you have and are looking for some tips on ways to improve it), check out that article before this one.

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