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Interflora World Cup 2023 - Meet the Competitors

Over the past few weeks, on our Instagram page, we've been introducing 20 amazingly talented floral designers who'll be battling it out at the Interflora World Cup in September.

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If you haven't already got your tickets to see them in action, visit the World Cup hub page.

There's so much fabulous floral fun planned over the three days, but we can't forget about the nail-biting competition itself. This is your chance to see the world's best floral designers in action, going up against the clock (and each other) to create some seriously stunning pieces of floral art.

From 7th - 9th September, 20 florists from around the world will meet in Manchester for the world's biggest floristry competition, to battle it out for the title of world champion.

World cup competitors

To get two of these world class florists in one room is rare, to get 20 is a once-in-a-lifetime event! These people are the best at what they do. Their astonishing skills are going to be put to the ultimate test at the Interflora World Cup in September - and you can be there for every heart stopping moment.

Meet the Competitors

Vietnam - Thanh Tran

"I was born in a small town along the sea coast in Vietnam, growing up in nature with flowers, plants, tree, sky and the sea surrounding me. Nature and the natural environment give me the love and passion that I have for flowers and plants."

Venezuela - Alejandro Figueira

"I was exposed to nature's beauty from a young age through my family's well known landscaping companies, which led to me developing a passion for using nature within my art. The language of the flowers allows me to manifest the feeling that comes from the soul."

USA - Jennifer Thomasson

"I have a passion for pushing the boundaries of American floristry and for promoting the art form in a fresh and modern way. Following the flow and path of the flowers always unlocks some secret to me."

United Kingdom & Ireland - Elizabeth Newcombe

"I often draw my inspiration from nature itself and the structure of plants, flowers and contemporary sculptures. It's not until you really look at the detail within each flower and structure that you realise how truly amazing nature is!"

Spain - Patricia Aguin

"I am passionate about flowers, nature and beauty. I pride myself on creating floral arrangements with delicacy and affection."

Republic of Korea - Hyung Hak Kim

"You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world but it takes people to make the dream a reality. With all my work, I like to emphasise the margins and lines of nature to capture tis true appearance."

Portugal - Emanuela Araujo

"I'm proud to have been a florist for 24 years. My biggest inspiration is everything in nature."

Peru - Monica Garcia

"My goal in life is to be seen as a representative as a Peruvian florist designer to the world. My love for nature plays a big part in my design inspiration alongside my commitment to champion my country and represent local flower growers in Peru."

Norway - Elisabeth Palsson

"Florist Demonstrator, lecturer, floral industry concept developer, nationally certified assessor and judge in floral design, and floral fundamentals ambassador. My inspiration comes with the different season and the unique materials they offer, letting the materials I use in designs guide me."

The Netherlands - Melissa Smedes

"I've been a florist for five years and I love to challenge myself by participating in competitions. Flowers have always been a great passion of mine."

Japan - Hironori Komatsu

"Breath that you can hear when you gently pick a flower blooming in the field. Innate beauty. Beauty to create. The beauty hidden in the shadows. Born from the soil, connecting with the world, returning to the soil, connecting with the world, returning to the soil, circulating the light of life. I want to express such a world."

Italy - Daniela Pighetti

"I've been a professional floral designer for many years now so I've experienced national and international competitions as a demonstrator, a competitor and even as a judge. My inspiration come from my experience: Travel, fashion and nature itself."

Hungary - Attila Nemeth

"I enjoy experimenting with different materials and textures, but in a way that puts the emphasis on the true beauty of plants and flowers."

Hong Kong - Solomon Leong

"My floral design work has been described as "extraordinary" and "striking" by international media such as the BBC. My unique approach to floral styles and aesthetic has made me a regular contributor in fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire."

Germany - Nicolaus Peters

"Flower can play such a big part in people's lives, and I really feel like they are a universal language across the globe... I think it's really important that we encourage aspiring florists into our skilled industry and show them just how exciting the wonderful world of floristry can be."

France - Stephane Chanteloube

"Having worked in the industry for 28 years, me and my team are renowned in the region in the wedding world. We have even worked with several celebrities over the years too."

Finland - Saija Sitolahti

"I believe flowers bring a little bit of magic to this world which is sometime very cruel. My wish is to show everybody how beautiful our nature and environment is, and how we have to appreciate its delicacy and tenderness."

Denmark - Katharina Albrechtsen

"Proud to have worked with flowers for 27 years. My greatest achievements are the Danish Championship and Fjord and and Belt. Inspired by nature, I love how it changes week by week and the same place is never the same."

Colombia - Ivan Restrepo (Ivan Moreno)

"Love for flowers, love for art, love for design. I've worked in the profession for 40 years now having studied in Spain USA and Japan, and I have previously been named one of the 30 best florists in the world in the book World Flower Artists II. God bless my mind so that I can create."

Canada - Lea Romanowski

"During my 30+ year career in the floral industry, I have made an art out of pushing the boundaries of design. Thinking out of the box is too limiting, so I prefer to build the box and be guided by the principle that no task is impossible, you just might need to build the solution... literally!"

competition floristry

There's going to be drama. There's going to be tension. And there's going to be floral creations that are works of art.

Get ready for flowers like you've never seen them before!

If you haven't already got your tickets to see them in action, visit the World Cup hub page.


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